How To JUST F*CKIN' START (Use A Tiny Plan To Create An Upward Spiral)

Why do we talk about getting in shape but never actually do what we say?

Why is it so hard to just get started?

I think one reason is how disruptive a training and diet change can seem to our life. The idea of getting healthy can stir up a storm of life-upturning ideas like monthly gym fees, hours spent at the gym, complex workout routines, protein shakes, fitness magazines, outfits, and a whole host of other things that stop you dead in your tracks.

One method that has helped me most is, with any new habit, keeping my criteria for success VERY small. Something I learned from Tim Ferriss.

If you keep what you consider a win SMALL, and celebrate it, it will give you a positive momentum to keep it up.

I talk about it in the below video, but if you don't watch, keep reading underneath.

Consider this: after reading this post (or watching the video), you do 5 push-ups and 5 squats. That's it. That's a solid first workout. Congrats. Could you do more? Would it feel good to do another set of each? If so, do some more. If not, just be happy you completed your first workout. Do one more of those this week.

Notice how you feel after your next workout. It should feel good! Perhaps you'll want to persist with that good feeling and get a big hearty salad for dinner. That should make you feel even better. Keep going with that. Notice when you feel good, and notice what makes you feel bad.

Slowly adjust your behaviors based on these micro-acts of good health and the way it makes you feel.

What I have found is that it will spiral you upward naturally. You'll naturally want to do a little bit more each time. You'll naturally want to research more complex routines. You'll WANT to eat the salad rather than feeling like you should.

Run with it!