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Minimalist Fitness (or MinFit for short) is a fat loss strategy that prioritizes freedom of time and minimum cost.

Freedom of time

How can we get the body we want without having to spend hours at the gym?

MinFit puts a focus on diet strategies like intermittent fasting so that you put your effort where it matters most. Your diet (eating less) is the primary driver in your success, and since you have to eat anyway, you won't be spending any extra time in that area.

A strong base in self-improvement and mindset are also core to this strategy. Every choice you make starts with your frame of mind and no success can be had unless this part is handled.

Minimum cost

By its nature, MinFit takes a minimalist approach to exercise, utilizing only your body and optional supporting tools like a pull-up bar or free weights to increase load.

Progressive calisthenics - a very effective strength building system based on the idea of progressive overload, the fundamental mechanism of building muscle, is the primary tool used by MinFit practicioners to minimize muscle loss while dieting and to ensure a healthy, attractive body.

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