2 Ways To GUARANTEE Success With Your Diet (Environmental Factors)

This is a short video I recorded (my first ever YouTube video, in fact).

Instead of just posting the video on YouTube, I'll embed them into a post and give them a little write-up with some extra details to help clarify. I'll put the text below the video.

Method 1: Keeping your refrigerator stocked with groceries

I learned tips like this from Tim Ferriss, on setting up your environment to prevent yourself from slipping up. I know we all want to be flawless practitioners and have 100% limitless willpower, but we are human, so we don't.

When it's time to eat, if you don't have food available, you are putting yourself in a scenario where one option is screwing up. Eliminating these chances for failure has worked wonders for me. Keep your fridge stocked so that when it's time to eat you can just go grab something.

Method 2: Establishing a set of common meals

This is similar to the first method, but has the added benefit of eliminating the need for calorie counting.

Some of us hate tracking our diets. It's tedious and makes us feel like hamsters (or...something...). The only tracking I do now is daily morning weight tracking on the scale and occasionally I'll track my food on MyFitnessPal to make sure I haven't overlooked anything.

Everything else is on auto-pilot.

I buy mostly the same foods over and over (that I love). I sprinkle in new recipes all the time though so it's doesn't get boring.

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