Rapid Fire Intermittent Fasting Q and A

A fellow by the name of Jim asked me a series of questions about intermittent fasting for a school report and I figured, why not do a post for it?

Let's dive right in:

What do you think are the benefits of intermittent fasting?

I like to focus on the benefits you can actually feel and witness. There are plenty of physiological benefits, including life extension, but many of them can't really be experienced. The main benefits, I think, are related to lifestyle and diet. Less cooking, less shopping, and it makes it easier to eat less without FEELING like you're eating less.

Do you think there are any negative side effects from the diet?

I think intermittent fasting is quite natural from an evolutionary standpoint, so any negatives are going to be related to social issues rather than physical ones. Missing breakfast with people who don't do intermittent fasting being one, although small, issue you might experience. You'll also have a couple weeks of extra hunger while you're adapting to the fasting period.

What tips do you have for sustaining long periods of not eating?

Enjoy lots of seltzer water! And focus on getting projects done rather than thinking about food. Eventually it feels natural so there's nothing to sustain.

Do you think the diet is sustainable over a long period of time or is it more to reach a specific goal?

I've done it for over 5 years. For me it is an ideal lifestyle, I don't even think of it as a diet. Humans didn't always have a regularly scheduled 3 meals a day.

Do you think intermittent fasting is the most effective dietary plan for being in good shape or do you think there are more effective diets out there?

As far as being effective, I think the only diet that ever works is one that creates a caloric deficit. Intermittent fasting makes that pretty easy for me. It should still be paired with a diet that satisfies your nutritional needs though. As well as a fitness plan. It's a great starting point though.

Would you recommend the diet to people of any age gender and body type or do you think there is a specific group that it is more effective for?

I would recommend it to anyone to try unless you have some sort of health issue that requires food at certain hours.

That's it! Thanks Jim.

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