Reworking the surface

About midway through July, I'm making good progress on Diet Coach In-A-Box. It's getting good, people!

I'd like to share one lesson with you. The first one, in fact.

The first lesson sets the stage for the entire course. It has absolutely nothing to do with dieting and weight loss, and everything to do with starting from scratch. I wanted to call it something like "Lesson One: Detox" but I thought, you know, the word detox is so entangled with weird gimmicky health fads that I'd just rather not even mention it.

I reached out to my new artistic friend Jorden in search of a better metaphor. With much luck, she found exactly what I was looking for in one of her books on watercolor.

I think Jorden's interpretation is exactly what I'm going for with the first lesson.

She also used the term "muddy" to refer to the point at which your paint palette gets too mixed and needs to be reset.

This is what I believe is one of the biggest problems in fitness and weight loss advice. It has gotten too muddy. We need to rework the surface and start with a beginner's mind.

I want you to have the absolute best chance at reaching your fitness goals, and to do that, we can't have any distractions. We are throwing all existing ideas out the window and starting from ground zero.

Lesson One: Reworking The Surface challenges you to let go of everything you thought you knew about diets and losing weight and being healthy, and prepare for a fresh set of paint.

You're stuck, so what have you got to lose?

Like Jorden said, there are a zillion ways to alter your image, but sometimes you just have to try again.