When you feel like you've tried everything

I get it. You're tired of dieting.

You're exhausted with every new technique that comes out. You've tried them all: low carb, Atkins, Weight Watchers, counting calories, diet pills. They either don't seem to work at all or they work for a bit but eventually you gain the weight back.

If this is you, maybe that's true, maybe you put in your absolute best effort and nothing really is working..

I find many times when someone says this, that person is really only trying in the short-term. They are only human, so they want a result as fast as possible. They really just want a magic pill.

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On top of that, you have snake-oil fitness companies and Instagram "models" forcing this quick-fix mindset down your throat. Whether it be selling some sort of "fat-burning" supplement alongside some enticing transformation photos or Fitness Magazines with "Lose 20 Pounds IN TWO WEEKS" stamped on the front.

They are taking advantage of impulsiveness and that desperation for a quick fix. We want to be thin and trim NOW, and we will practically try or do anything to get there.

It get's people to buy, so I get it, but the shortcut mindset is not the one you should cultivate if you truly want to get fit and stay that way. Do it in a way so you don't have to feel this frustration again. Take the shortcut and you'll be back here again in a month or two.

Play The Long Game

What I've found is that you need to play the long game in order to have permanent results. You need to be in this for life. It's not one-and-done, you must dedicate yourself to being healthy from now on and forever.

It might sound daunting, but that's why it's important to take things in small chunks, starting with tiny habits. Rather than overwhelming yourself with 10 different dieting techniques at once, try implementing just one or two.

When I look at how I got to where I am, it's really been a long gradual process of trial and error. A process of elimination, really. Year after year I've learned what my body responds to, what my triggers are, what methods and strategies work best to keep me in shape. Carefully tuning my tastes to prefer veggies and meat over sugar and other quick, highly-palatable foods.

Don't go for the quick fix.

Study the science of weight loss. Learn about what truly causes your body to burn fat and create a lifestyle that makes it easy.

Take it slow and play the long game.