Ask Joe: Does Intermittent Fasting Work For Women?

I was asked this fairly common question about intermittent fasting so I thought I'd answer it in another written post/video combo.

Here is my feedback:

The question itself stems from the misguided hope that intermittent fasting, when implemented on its own, should result in weight loss.

A magic pill.

Here's the raw truth though, and I've said this before, the only thing that results in weight loss is the caloric deficit.

Simply eating food in a smaller window of time (intermittent fasting) will not result in weight loss unless there is a deficit.

Therefore, always remember that intermittent fasting is simply a tool that makes the deficit EASIER.

By only eating in a smaller window, you can enjoy large and satisfying meals but still end up in a deficit. I, for example, eat my first meal at around 3pm. It's quite large and filling, and I usually don't need to eat again until before bed. Even though the first meal was relatively huge, it, plus my smaller second meal, are a good amount less food than I would eat if I were eating 3-4 meals spaced out beginning at breakfast time.

That's really the key.

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The deficit works for both men and women, of course. So if women are reporting that intermittent fasting isn't working, they are simply not in a deficit or are having trouble dealing with hunger. That is a subjective problem that you'll need to figure out for yourself.

Try intermittent fasting for a month and see where it gets you, but be sure it is ultimately helping you eat less than you were.